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About Us
We are Landscaping and Irrigation contractors and designers operating in Egypt since 1983. Our references include some of the highest standard jobs executed in Egypt.
In short :
We Do Gardens
Our complete range of products and services will meet the requirements of the toughest jobs :
  • Landscape and interior-scape design.
  • Landscape and interior-scape contracting and maintenance.
  • Design, supply and installation of irrigation systems.
  • Hard landscapes and hydroscapes including the following.
      • Natural rocks creations, waterfalls, ponds and aggregate works.
      • Wooden and forged metal fences, gazebos, garden furniture.
      • Complete selection of curbing, garden walkways and natural rock rip-rap.

      • Outdoor and indoor plant containers.
Our Staff
Our technical personnel, some of them have been with us for ten years are presentable, dedicated and are experienced in all landscaping and plant care routines, such as:
  • Plant production in medium to large size nurseries.
  • Allocation, purchasing and transporting of plant stock according to ANSI and British Standards.
  • Large tree transplanting.
  • Provision of casual labor, equipment and material.
  • Leading landscaping field teams.
  • Supervising soil moving equipment for subsoil and topsoil leveling, spreading, cultivation and grading.
  • Installation of turf irrigation systems.
  • All job practices (Chemical applications, planting and transplanting, digging, balling, burlapping, guying, staking, hedge and shrub care, turf care...etc.).
We also incorporate the efforts of the most experienced and talented professionals in these fields of landscape and irrigation design.
Our References.
As subcontractors, we delivered jobs to the toughest consultants and
project managers such as

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