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Welcome to home page. We are growers and manufacturers of Loofah  ( Luffa ) and Loofah skin care products in Egypt. As growers of our own Luffa crop we can guarantee best quality for our raw or manufactured products.   

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Catalogue Whole Loofah sections - Whole Luffa Sections. Our whole loofah sections are  available from 7.5 cm (3 inches) to 20 cm (8 inches) wide and in lengths up to 60 cm (24 inches).

Catalogue Flattened Loofah - Flattened Luffa. Our flattened loofah are available from 20 cm ( 8 inches) to 50 cm (20 inches) wide and in length up to 50 cm (20 inches).
Catalogue Hand made exotic Loofah scrubs - Hand made exotic Luffa scrubs.  Savannah Loofah scrubs are available in a  wide range of shapes: Handy Loofah, Back Scrubs, Complexion Pads, Loofah Brush and Loofah Mitts. All are 100% handmade, with rough finishing emphasizing the natural origin of the luffa. These products fit perfectly as exotic gift items and are most suitable for customers with the special taste for products that are natural in material and craftsmanship. These products are also designed to be very practical and durable.

CatalogueTraditional Loofah scrubs - Traditional Luffa scrubs Savannah traditional Loofah scrubs are also available in a wide variety of Loofah Mitts, Handy Loofah, Back Scrubs, Round Loofah, and in the form of Loofah toys and alphabet. All our traditional Loofah scrubs are superior in quality due to the use of Luffa aegyptica, Egyptian cotton terry cloth and first quality craftsmanship.
CatalogueGround Loofah or Loofah powder - Ground Luffa. Savannah Ground Loofah beside being an excellent exfoliate, it is used for blending with cold process soap recipes, the best abrasive element in liquid soap and herbal skin care applications. Savannah ground Loofah is an essential soap supply item. Ground loofah is also used in crafts, sound & temperature proofing, filter media ....... etc.

Catalogue Genuine Dead Sea Salt, extracted by solar evaporation from The Dead Sea, Jordan. We are exporters of Dead Sea Salt, well known throughout history for it's skin conditioning and therapeutic effects. Our Dead Sea Salt is available in bulk and in consumer packaging. For more information about our Dead Sea Salt please visit it's product page in our catalogue.

Special Orders and Packaging: We are also in a position to study the possibility of manufacturing and packaging to order. We ensure design protection and first quality end product.

Shipment: According to order size we ship via express mail, air-freight or sea freight for partial or full container loads..

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