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Products For Hotels


Bath floor mat

Hand woven using luffa stripes on cotton threads with a cotton fringe. It's texture and thickness and water absorption features makes it a perfect bath floor mat for drying and exfoliating the feet at the same time.

Can be produced in any size. Standard size 50 cm x 35 cm (20"x14")

The range of loofah products that we can offer your hotel is extensive and can be customized to meet your needs. We can embroider your hotel logo on all of our loofah bath scrubs and slippers with terry cloth. All of our products are made of Egyptian luffa, world famous for its softness and durability, and 100% Egyptian cotton terry cloth.

Your customers will be very appreciative when they find any of our luffa products in their rooms, personalized by your hotel logo and colours.

Special packaging is also available.


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