Savannah Back Scrub
Code:  BV-3    25 cm x 10 - 12 cm ( Actual luffa size ). 10" x 4" - 5"
           BV-4    30 cm x 12 - 14 cm ( Actual luffa size ).  12" x 5 - 6"
Complete luffa section, hand stitched at both ends with sisal. Supplied with two wooden handles.
Length from handle to handle :
Code BV-3     80 cm  ( 32" inches )
Code BV-4     90 cm  ( 36" inches )
Besides it's known benefits as a full luffa section, its length will allow back scrubbing horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Who needs a partner with a  Savannah Back Scrub by the tub?
Supplied fully compacted and bulk packed.

Savannah Back Scrub Mat
Code : BW- 8     Hard textured resulting from hard compaction of luffa stripes on the loom.
45 cm x 20 cm hand woven luffa mat, with a thickness of more than 1" when wet. Supplied with two wooden handles. Handle to handle span is 3 feet.
     Luffa mat                               45 cm x 20 cm   ( 18" x 8")
     Handle to handle distance       90 cm   ( 36" inches )
This jumbo size back scrubber will not only be appreciated by over weighted and wide backed customers, but it's texture and feel will be loved by everybody. Similar to the previous item ( Savannah Back Scrub ), our Back Scrub Mat will allow total control on back scrubbing in any directions.
Supplied fully compacted and bulk packed.

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