Matt Mitt

Savannah Mat Mitt

Code Description Size in cm Size in inches
MW-18 Mini Mat Mitt 12 x 10 4.8 x 4
MW-12 Small Mat Mitt 16 x 14 6.4 x 5.6
MW-15 medium Mat Mitt 18 x 16 7.2 x 6.4
MW-13 Large Mat Mitt 20 x 18 8 x 7.2

Hand woven luffa mat mitt.
Woven sisal threads at both ends and the bottom.
Hanging sisal loop. Consists of luffa stripes, hand woven on sisal threads. Compaction of stripes on the loom will determine the required hard or soft texture.

Dry thickness of mats is about 5 cm ( 2"), when soaked wet, it expands to almost 7.5 cm (3").

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